Sunday, August 1, 2010

To market, to market

We visited down south for a couple of days this past week and my route takes me through some pretty country places. I've been eyeing a local farmer's market for awhile now, and finally went through ATM, got some cash, and made a stop. I like the idea of buying fresh produce from local farms. Something about it. Stopped in the little communites of Palmyra and Judah.

I decided on some tomatoes, an onion, and a watermelon. I actually stopped at two markets because the first one did not have a seedless watermelon - you know me, I don't want the seeds. The tomatoes were very plump and red - the onion reminded me of the dirt for some reason. I'm hoping to get some tomatoes and can salsa before long...our garden isn't quite growing up to speed, so I'll have to get some fresh tomatoes from a local market - or my mom {her tomato plants are outrageously big and full, I'm jealous}. Support your local farmers!
Photo take via flickr.

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