Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you own a trifle bowl? If not, you are really missing out. These bowls are great for not only trifle-recipes but fruit, salads, chips, etc. Trifles are easy, beautiful and very crowd-pleasing. This image made me think of the summer trifle made with fresh berries, angel-food-cake, whip cream, and fruit glaze. Light, a little low-fat and a perfect treat.

Another "staple" in my trifle recipe collection is the ultimate Brownie Trifle. Believe me, if you take this to a party or pitch-in you will be loved dearly. All you do is layer the following ingredients.

1. Brownie pieces {make brownies and tear up}
2. Chocolate Pudding {make one of the big boxes of Devil's Food}
3. Cool-Whip
4. Heath Toffee Bits

I layer these three times and the outcome is pure goodness.

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