Friday, September 10, 2010

Flying by...

We have a laid-back weekend planned. Quick birthday party, youth outreach, and some time out-and-about. There's only about 3 people that I will leave little Ella with, and one happens to be free {love Brittney}. I think we are going to see an IMAX film at the Indiana State Museum - I haven't been to an IMAX in quite some time.

This week has flown by, and I am glad! I've been working extra hard on a few projects for school that I might share with you. I think the parents will love the new things that have been taking up my time :-) Did you know Carter is wearing size 5 now? I think he just got out of a major growth-spurt. When we went on vacation he was eating non-stop, but now he seems to be "full" a lot quicker. Thank goodness I've stocked up on size 10 shoes...I think he skipped size-9, and size 4T. Ella...she's still in 3-6m with plenty of room, my little petite precious.
Happy weekend to you all!

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