Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We have lots of art going on at our house everyday. Coloring books, paper, paper-plates, boxes, markers, paint...you name it. Ella loves art just as much as Carter does, so I'm working on finding a good kid-friendly and house-friendly art display, but until then we will continue to stack up our art that we want to be hung up! My kids adore THESE and so do I. The twist-up crayons are a life-saver.
I found THIS on pinterest {image below via pinterest} and thought you might be intrigued. The 20-minute tie looks like a total breeze for people who are remotely into sewing. For those sewing pros out there, you could jazz it up a bit! With Easter approaching, who doesn't want a funky tie on their little guy?
THIS is an amazing add to your kitchen, but look at what else you can do with the IKEA magnetic knife strip! I have one in the kitchen, but when I visit the store again I'm going to get one for Carter's cars. Such a great organization tip {image via pinterest}. Quite lovely.
Here's to a wonderful day, from me to you!

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