Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day 2010 Style

How was your Labor Day weekend? Ours was full of fun. We travelled to Turkey Run State Park which was about an hour and a half away. It was Ella-baby's first camping trip, so I was a little nervous, but she was a rockstar at it! She enjoyed being held almost 24/7.

The weather was chilly, so thank goodness I had bought her a few hoodies at The Children's Place outlet. She was kept warm and slept in a pack-n-play at night. The rest of us slept in a tent on an air-mattress. Yes. We did. Our neighbors slept in this.

I am jealous over this cute camper. Dated from 1965 and restored. It was quite clearly the cutest thing on the campground, and I wanted so bad to make an offer on it. Do you think we would use it? It sleeps around 4 people, has a little kitchen nook, and is just so stinking cute. The owners are actually thinking of selling it next spring. Should we make an offer? They say camping is a great vacation for families. Affordable and lots to do. Dave Ramsey says to start a money-envelope...we shall see. Maybe we will sell enough chicken eggs to pay for it, HA.

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