Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where has she been?

She has been doubled over the toilet with morning sickness, oops I mean all-day sickness. Yes, you read correctly! What do you think of my two lovelies? So sweet and getting so grown up looking. Ella has more hair than it looks like, but she is still pretty thin :) She's weighing in about 19lbs so far at 14months. Carter is wearing size 5, size 11 1/2 shoes, and growing like a summer-weed. I can't keep up!

Carter definitely knows we are having another baby in this household, and has grown used to Mommy wanting her PJ's on almost at all times, along with my frequent trips to the restroom. Ella has no clue :) She will soon enough, though. I'm thankful Ella Layne is quite the easy child since the smallest two will be about 20 months apart. My gut feeling when I read the pregnancy test was boy...can't lie, it was. However, my sickness is similar to how it was with Ella's. Heart-rate was 178 {8-week ultra-sound} and 160's {13-week doppler} which is very consistent with what Carter's early-days were.

We are hoping to make it through the 20-week ultra-sound without saying "What is it?" That will be extremely hard, but we think it will be extra fun to have a big surprise when they pull this baby out. We have found out with the other two, so what is your vote...find out or not?

My favorite thing to wear these days is the BellaBand by Ingrid and Isabel. I invested in two of these when I was pregnant with Ella...and I wore them just about to the end of my 40-week journey. They have found their way back to my wardrobe, much sooner this time. Not in maternity clothes yet, but very close. The BellaBands allow me to wear my pre-maternity skirts with ease and comfort along with allowing me room to breathe! My other favorite things...hehe
  • Coffee with creamer {yes, decaf...don't worry, I know better}
  • Diet Dr. Pepper {must be limited...sadly}
  • Bread of any kind.
  • Trident gum {for all the crazy after-tastes}
  • Salsa
  • Sleeping
I will keep you posted and hopefully be postING more often! Love you dear patient with this pregnant Momma <3

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