Thursday, March 10, 2011

18 weeks and special girl...

Get ready for a glimpse of my sweet girl! I had a hard time choosing which pictures to share, but I think you will love them all. These were from the photo-session with Ashley at The Flying Cupcake {such a sweet atmosphere}. Baby updates at the end...

Are you in amazement at how beautiful she is? We are :) Of course she is still sporting headbands, and these were both from cute boutiques. The flower headband was one I bought before I knew Carter was a boy - over 4 years ago. I just had to have it! So glad I kept it...

Baby #3 news is here!

~*Heart-rate is around 150 as of today.
~*Baby is moving around lots during the day. I feel lots of little wiggles and jiggles throughout the day, not really kicks but definitely a baby.
~*Ultra-sound will be in 2 weeks. Are we finding out? We say no; he or she hopefully will cooperate and not want to show off!
~*Sickness? Not much. Thankfully. This holds true to my pregnancy with Carter; at 17 weeks the morning sickness went away.
~*Weight gain is picking up a little, due to the fact that I can keep down foods at night.
~*I am wearing maternity clothes...kind of bitter-sweet for me, I've never been a huge fan of my maternity wardrobe!
~*My thoughts on the gender? My automatic GUT feeling was a boy, but heart-rate is very similar to what Ella's was -- hmmmm....

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