Friday, March 18, 2011

Big updates!

I am seriously in love with these photos that I found on shabby chic design. Design is on the brain due to the fact that we are in the throws of remodeling...yes, you read correctly: REMODELING = DISASTER! Just a little background for those curious minds...

About 6 years ago we purchased our land. Wooded, beautiful 5 acres, and secluded. We sat on the land for a few years, then built. Our original thought was to build, then add after about 3 years...long story short, county made us finish out more than we had anticipated and we had a chunk of change in this beautiful home. No adding on for us quite yet. Our home is considered a "carriage house" design, meaning the kitchen was built upstairs. With the addition of family member #5, we will be needing another bedroom and more space. Hence, kitchen is moving downstairs {where it probably should have been all along}. Live and learn, right?

The up-side is now I get to paint and re-do the kitchen! I'm looking towards a "shabby chic" design and the pain color will be a huge factor in this. My cabinets are NOT white, so I'll be focusing on light-fixtures, paint color, and decor. Do you like?

Better give you a quick baby update too!
~*Baby is moving around quite a bit now. That's a safe feeling for me :)
~*I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies to curve down the weight gain. Pregnancy seems to LOVE my hips and thighs - hoping to stay under 30lbs with this one.
~*Carter is bound and determined he will have a brother.
~*Ultra-sound is scheduled for next week. Can I make it through that half and hour without finding out? We shall see!
~*Sickness = not so much, thank you Jesus.
~*Belly is very round...very round.
~*Thankful to be on the upside of the sickness part. I have SO much more energy, which is needed with an almost 4-year old, 1 year old, and remodel going on!

Happy weekend to you!

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  1. Love the pics! And congrats on the new upcoming arrival!