Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girly Project

Ella has needed something for her headbands and bows since December 14, 2009. Of course, since she's still lacking in their hair department, we put headbands on her constantly. I took a quick peek at a few projects, but this one was super easy.


Cute ribbon can be found anywhere now-days.

When putting this together, you will need:
Hot-Glue gun
Letter of your choice {this was from Hobby Lobby for around $1.50}.

Start by painting your letter. After the letter has dried, turn it over and measure the desired length of ribbon for the bows. I cut a triangle shape at the bottom of the ribbon to help with fraying. I then hot-glued the ribbon to the back of the letter, and voila.

Can't get much easier than that! Some of these sell for an outrageous price, so have fun making your own for under $8-10.

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