Thursday, April 7, 2011


My little drummer turns 4 tonight at 11:42pm. He's so excited about his birthday and so thrilled to be giving his friends and cousins Silly-Bandz to celebrate. Are your kids nuts over Silly-Bandz?

This baby has taught me how to love deeper than ever before, he's also taught me how to be a better mother to Ella and how to correct the mistakes I might have made with him. Carter loves all things musical, can't help but tap his feet or bang his hands to the beat of music, and is very shy around strangers. He doesn't like attention. Loves to play with his Daddy. Loves to work with his Daddy. Does not like to be jumped on by dogs. Doesn't like sweets, but loves chocolate candy. Gives Ella kisses and hugs every morning and tells her how much he missed her when he gets home from pre-school.

Carter is our sweet little blessing #1. Happy #4 sweet boy!

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