Monday, July 18, 2011

The craze

Do you not love TJMaxx? It's one of my favorites, and I can't go too often. I was in search of a new iron today, but we also got a handful of other things.

A new dress for Ella for $9.99. Very boutique looking and perfect for summer/fall.

New shoes for Momma! I've struggled buying the ones that zip up the back, but these are a great combination of the ruffle design in the front without the zipper up the back. A steal for $7.99.

Red plaid shorts for Carter by Polo. This was probably the best deal of the day at only $4!

Some new gowns for our bundle that is coming rather soon. I plan on popping a yellow head-band on with them if it's a girl, or a sweet little yellow hat if it's a boy :) I have always found these for wonderful prices at TJMaxx. These were about $7. They also have beautiful, cuddly blankets at TJMaxx for very reasonable prices. I might have to go back {hehe}. OH, and yes I did purchase an iron!

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