Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to it in a big way!

I have been MIA! Lots to fill you in on -- first, I was without my laptop for a few days. Secondly, I had to get my stuff ready, dropped off AND had to volunteer and SHOP at the Indy Kids Consignment Sale. Boy, what a load of work and almost as fun as the day after Thanksgiving. Take a peek.
These are just a few of the things I purchased. Such great deals, and the process of getting your clothes on the racks is so organized and crafty. During my volunteer phase, I assisted with putting things out onto the sales floor as well as watching the "clothing inspectors" make sure all items were in good condition. If they were not, they sent them home with the individuals who dropped them off. Each consignor makes 60% of the profit, but has a chance to make up to 70%. This is definitely better than what you will get at a local childrens second hand store. If you live around Indianapolis, you have to hit up the spring sale -- I am!

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