Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Are you absolutely excited for tomorrow? I am! Family time, no working long hours, cousins for the kids to play with, lounging around with nothing to do but be thankful. How glorious! These are a few of my favorite ideas for Thanksgiving. "Do you host Thanksgiving?" and the answer is no, I do not. However, I would definitely do something like this if I did.
Do you have trouble with "choosing which family" to go with? Here's what we do. One year with my side, one year with J's side. We normally head down south the Friday after Thanksgiving if it's not my family's so-called "year" just because me and my sister love to hit the Black Friday deals together. Oh yeah, Black Friday...did you forget I'm an avid shopper? :) More on that later. BUT, families are equally important and I hope you give time to both sides as much as you can. It gets so difficult...believe me, I know. We are 45 minutes from one side and 2 hours from another. We hope to make it a little less far away in years to come, but for now I want my children to have memories with all of their family, and I want them to know each of their fun little cousins! My thankful list is coming out later this afternoon -- stay tuned.

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