Friday, December 16, 2011


It's Friday! Big plans? We have a few things floating around :) So, I meant to update on 12.14 but I became so overwhelmed with work and holiday parties that it didn't make the agenda for the day. Will you forgive me? Will you also entertain me while I reminisce? 12.14 is a prominent date in my mind. Why? 12.14.09 was the original due-date of Ella Layne and was the day I found out she wouldn't be coming into this world the way I had wanted, which was actually the best for both of us. Then we have December 14, 2010.
On 12.14.10 I found out that I was pregnant with our, perfect-in-every-way, Cooper Thomas. Ella was not even 1 at the time. Was I freaking out? A little, but was I over the moon about a new baby? Absolutely (just dreading that awful sickness I always get when carrying a sweet bebe). So, 40 weeks later we brought home this.
How could life be any better? It probably couldn't. 12.14.11 another baby was born that I have some ties with - his name is Graham, and he is one precious little one! His aunt (can be found HERE) is one of my closest friends, so I'm glad we get to share this important date with Graham! This sweet girl has a big day coming...any guesses? :)
Have a super exciting weekend. See you back on Monday -- make those holiday memories while you can, December is racing by!

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