Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What do you think? Take a guess. I bet your mind is racing. Well, this morning I get up and get ready for my busy day of conferences and boom. KABOOM. My computer has a systems 32 error. What does that mean? I didn't know either! When I called my tech-goddess she said "oh no, that's the worst" meaning that my computer with all my beautiful student work and well developed lessons was GONE. Boo. That's been my day. But...
we can't miss Cooper's 4 month mini-celebration! Big boy is doing all sorts of new things and is lighting my world up everyday. When I say he is a good baby...I'm not just being nice or thinking he's mine. He is a GOOD baby! On the verge of perfect :) Loves playing, cooing, making new noises with his lips, grabbing on to my neck when I hold him, eating sweet stuff, rolling over, and greeting Mommy and Daddy with his brand new tooth.
Did I mention that he's Carter made over? Cooper is definitely a different baby than Carter was, but they look so similar. Carter's 3-4 month pictures could pass as Cooper. Most people see the same eyes in all my babies, but Cooper has Carter's nose, Ella's lips, a totally different head shape, and his own little sweet attitude.
Can't wait to share more holiday fun with you this week....stay tuned and make sure to check out Dana's sweets today.

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