Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fun things

Still relishing in the Christmas after-spirit. Are you? Hope so! I thought I would share this fun image with you today. We can never get a good picture anymore - and this is quite terrible because it was taken with my phone, but will still give you a laugh. Cooper is looking down, Ella is just wanting attention, and Carter is smiling like no other! I keep telling him to open those eyes up. Don't think he has it yet ;)
I'm going to recap a few of the Christmas presents that my kids adore. Carter has been asking for a living room chair, and he's too big for those little recliners and chairs for toddlers. My mom found these - durable, good priced, adults can use (added bonus), and they can be easily transported to the bedroom, living room, up and down the stairs, and etc.
Find HERE. My two oldest are loving their new chairs, and I'm sure Daddy will use them as well :) Ella loves to sit in her chair with her new Abby Cadabby and about 20 other "bebes." Love that little girl. I'm making granola with MADE's recipe. It is divine!

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