Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Recap

Aren't you glad to be back in the swing of things? I am! Sometimes I crave the vacation time, but then other days I cannot wait to maintain our daily schedule. My kids thrive on knowing what to expect, and I'm sure yours do as well. Something nice about having laundry done, dishes clean, Christmas decor put away, and just living as normal. As promised, here is one recap of some great baby gifts that Cooper is using each day --
There are tons of cute snow-suits for babies out there. Some with car-seat-buckle holes and others without. I also love the whole-car-seat covers. We can't live without ours here in Indiana.
What a fun gift for Cooper! Go HERE to find one. Very affordable, and Coop is in the bumbo seat quite often because he's to the point of learning to sit up. I adore the tray!
Last but not least, the space-saver high chair. Perfect for babies. It reclines, so it's easy to feed the little ones just learning how to eat the baby food. Do you love Coop's first two teeth? Oh my. I've been letting him chew on everything, and we've had lots of you can imagine. There are wonderful teethers out there and THIS is a perfect idea. Genius! Happy middle-of-the-week to ya :)

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