Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here we go Valentine's Day 2012! Carter was geared up for this holiday. Here's what we chose. Carter also chose to attach this to a fruit-by-the-foot.
...and Ella-doll is handing out these. Attach a smarty, and you are good to go.
I am in charge of the crafts. We are going with three centers for the kids. One potato stamp center. A valentine BINGO with lots of fun valentine clipart from the web. The final station is simply a pipe-cleaner with beads, but the educational side is to have your beads be in a pattern. Never forget the learning!
I adore THIS and THIS. I could not find rustic-floral-wire at the store, so I was out of luck. But, how cool is this? Quite awesome.
Here's your low-down! Fire-truck valentines, smarty valentines, potato stamps, yarn hearts. Happy heart day :)

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