Wednesday, August 22, 2012


June came. June went. July came. July is gone. I've been off the face of blog-land for quite some time! I'm super duper sorry and have no real excuses...other than life has been beyond busy and now we are settling back into a routine. SO, let me recap a little of our summer. We traveled south to Florida for a week and caught some great rays, had lots of fun, ate too much, and learned how to become master travelers with three little ones.
Cooper Thomas turned 1. Yes, he did. I cannot believe it! Coop had a big birthday in Florida with presents, cupcakes, candles, the beach, and party hats. He's the sweetest baby around! Recently he had a fun little experience which I will share with you soon, but I'll keep you guessing until that post. Thankful for my Cooper-baby, he fills my days with sunshine and giggles.
...then my girl. Ella Layne is talking way too much, getting a little more prissy, and loving life! She is her daddy made over but with mommy's special little touches :) she's almost potty trained but we're not stressing too much over it. Ella's back in the swing of going to our local montessouri pre-school and she loves to sing!
Then we have babe #1, my little Carter-boo. Whoops, not so little anymore. My big kindergartener is happily getting up for school each morning and running in by himself. It's been quite a journey over the past week to watch him become so independent and to really see him growing up. It's been an eye opener for me to be the parent instead of the teacher. REALLY makes me see things a tad differently. Carter is such a good boy, a "pleaser" and I know he will make his teacher proud. His enthusiasm is contagious and I miss him so much. It's almost unbearable at times. BUT...I'm so thankful for him and what he's growing to be. My sweet boy...
Then. Someone had a birthday. The big 3-0! I'm excited about the thirties and what they will bring. The past ten years have been a world of changes, things I never dreamed. My sweet husband through a surprise birthday party and I really had NO idea. The first words out of my mouth were "My house isn't clean!" -- of course, isn't that what everyone says? It was a lovely time and my parents and sister even showed up and took two of my little ones for the weekend. Momma got to shop at TJMaxx for new bedding and visit a flea-market with Coop and J. Now, that's my kind of birthday bash.
Jonathan is busy in classes again for the fall semester, working towards his masters degree. I am working with 2nd grade this year and really enjoying my students! 2nd graders are beginning to read fluently but are still little kids and have fun with everything. I'm sure there are still changes coming down the line for us, but right now we are enjoying life, loving our babies, and relaxing (or trying to).
Be expecting more posts from me as we settle back into our routine...I've missed you!

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