Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Is he not the most angelic baby you have ever laid eyes on? I know he's mine, but I cannot get past his sweet little nature. He's currently getting about 6 teeth total and he's still as happy as a little song bird.
Cooper is the third in line, so of course he is using all of Carter's hand-me-downs {which are so cute} but I am thinking hard about trying a few new things with him. Modern cloth-diapers and home-made baby food. I considered the cloth diapering system before, but I am definitely weighing the pros and cons now. WHY you might ask? I enjoy keeping the earth clean, good, and being natural but I also would love the financial aspect. Most cloth-diapering systems cost about $200 to stock up, but they are selling THIS BRAND at Walmart! Can you believe it? There is a great product review HERE if you are interested.
The home-made baby food process is not as tricky. Cooper is eating about 4-6 jars a day, and he has a sweet-tooth {like big sister and Momma}. I found an easy and very specific process HERE. Look at how pretty these baby-food cubes are.
So basically, there is no fancy-shmancy details here. You need a blender, ziploc baggies, and some good ice-cube trays {I did make THIS purchase}. You steam the veggies or whatever you want to make, blend until smooth, put in trays, and freeze. Pop them out when frozen and store in ziploc bags. One of the foods I saw made was roasted-red-peppers and goat cheese. Wow. That's better than any baby-food blend I have purchased :)

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  1. Thank you for the link to my MabuBaby review! Greatly appreciate it. ~Calley