Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy days ahead!

This special boy is also going to visit a Montessouri pre-school tomorrow! I am so excited about it. There are two Montessouri's in our town, and he is on the wait-list for one that starts students in August. The other one, we are visiting tomorrow, has an immediate opening for a 3-year old; he would be going from 9:00-12:00 each morning, then home with me {which is what I've been looking for when I return to work}! It is also more affordable than day-care. I'm hoping that he likes it tomorrow and we will see what the future holds for this new little learner...
Little Ell-bell is growing like a weed, isn't she?

Today we had Ella's one month well-check with Dr. Bohney. It was a little delayed due to her surgery last week and Carter getting sick. She did well with the visit today and is progressing nicely! We have tracked her weight each week at the casting-clinic. We get an accurate weight without the casts and they put this into the computer system for Dr. Bohney to see -- she is currently in the 25th percentile...little munchkin!

She is still in newborn diapers and clothes. I tried on a 0-3 month sleeper, and it swallowed her up! She seems to be growing more quickly now days though. She will be filling those 0-3 monthers out very soon!

Mr. Carter Alan has been working on putting his socks on by himself! He already dresses himself, with a little help putting the shirt over his head. He does a wonderful job, although Mom has to straighten out his pants sometimes..ha! Carter got to visit Mrs. Judy today along with baby Macy and Nora {his longtime buddy of 2 years}. I thought it would be more fun for Carter to visit with friends than go with me and Ella to the doctor. It's interesting how easily Carter falls back into a routine.
FYI: Kohl's is having the Dr. Seuss books for $5...that is such a great deal for wonderful and enriching children's literature!

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  1. It's nice to get an accurate weight without the casts isn't it? Glad to hear all is going well!