Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little ones

Fussy wussy was my Ell-bell today! She seemed hungry, spit-uppy, and gassy today...hmm! I did manage to think of some interesting things about Ella that I wanted to let you in on.
1. Sleeps with her mouth OPEN and tongue UP.
2. Does not like to be swaddled.
3. Must be burped at least 3 times during a feeding.
4. Goes potty on Daddy when he changes her, but not me!
5. Always has her hands and arms moving.

This little one has a new saying: "I don't want to."...uh oh! He is a good ole rascal {as Papaw Murry would have said} and here are a few things to know about him.

1. Wants a night-light {currently loves his Case Tractor night-light}
2. Plays the drums like no other 2 1/2 year old I have met.
3. Likes to play with wires and tinker with things.
4. Favorite foods include Spaghettio's and powdered donuts.
5. Is a wild sleeper and needs a rail!
6. Completely potty trained by 2 1/2 years old {proud Momma here}

This little booger is one of my favorite people ever. Precious Mom and I have recently been joking that Carter will have nothing on Owen and Ella because of all the surgeries and procedures they are enduring.

As far as I know, Owen is feeling much better and being himself - we are so glad he's over his sickness! Carter and I prayed for him and Ethan each night. I also bought Owie the CUTEST pair of overalls tonight at Hartstrings {in Edinburgh, they are having 70-80% off} and of course I bought Carter and Ella their fair share as well. It is so hard to dress Carter cute anymore because he is getting so big. Did I mention how I love to spend money? :)

One more note...tried the white-bean-turkey-chili recipe from Gina's blog and it is wonderful! 1cup = 4points on weight watchers. I also tried the banana-nut-bread and it is just yummy-in-my-tummy.

Find your way to church tomorrow...we are!

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