Friday, January 15, 2010

Carter the Creator

Hey folks! Today...we got out the play-do! Carter has not had too much experience with this wonderful stuff yet, but he is well on his way thanks to Aunt Judy and Uncle David (their great Christmas present to Carter was a play-do set). I'm trying to put some rules with it, like only one color at a time, put it up before getting another color, and etc.

He does pretty well with it and really has fun! I'm kind of surprised because usually Carter does not like things that are weird or unusual - he hated the sand last summer. But, we made snakes, pancakes, cars, and lots more.

Jonathan and I really hope that our kids are creative, and I think Carter will definitely use his imagination for all sorts of things - he already does! Have I mentioned that he told us he had a friend named Miguel one time? And...I do not think he has ever watched the show Maya and Miguel - pretty funny. We also find him talking to one of his "friends" quite often...haha.

Love my creative little boy...

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