Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Treats

Happy Tuesday friends and family. There is quite a posting for today, starting with Ella's 1 month birthday! She has grown quite a bit and been through so much in her little life up to this point. Hard to believe that one month ago we were in the hospital staring into the eyes of this new little bundle of joy. I love this picture. She has such bright eyes.

And our precious Carter, we cannot forget about him today. He has had quite a journey over the past 24 hours! We had a meeting then took Carter to the Indianapolis Children's Museum (will be posting about tomorrow) and then we had dinner at a local restaurant called Squealers; they have yummy bbq. Well...when we got home, Jonathan got Carter into bed while I ran out to get some last minute things for Ella. Later that night (around 10:30ish), Carter lets out a cry and I go in his room to check on him only to be welcomed by a puddle of "sickness" in his bed. Poor baby got sick all over the bed and was so upset. Gave him a bath. Sick again. Cleaned him up and put him in our bed. Sick again. Went to sleep. Sick again....this continued on and on all night long. Carter was up every 20 minutes until around 5:00AM.

We were so thankful that Memaw Carla came to stay with Carter at 4:30AM, while we took Ella to Riley for her surgery.

Started trip to Riley at 4:45AM. Arrived around 5:45AM. Took the big glass elevators to the day-surgery floor and checked in little Ell-bell. Started with the paperwork and questioning, then onto blood pressure and temperature checks. Ella had not drank milk since 1:30AM, so after much rocking and patting, she finally gave up and went to sleep for awhile.

We were greeted by the anasthesiologists, surgical nurse, Dr. Loder, and one of Dr. Loder's residents that we see each week. Dr. Loder was very positive and assured us all would be ok. These pics were taken right before she went away! What a nice surgical nurse we had :)

My mom and dad came up for Ella's surgery, so they were able to see her and wait with us during the surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 1 hour. They took Ella at 7:35AM and Dr. Loder came to the waiting room at 8:12AM -- very quick! Dr. Loder said that Ella did great and all the nurses and staff were "googley eyed" over her and her cuteness, hehe! Dr. Loder wants to see Ella next Wednesday since she is growing so quickly. He is planning on changing her casts at that point, then putting on one more set until the shoes.

When we met Ella in the recovery area, she was screaming and very alert! The nurses said that she came out of the anasthesia quickly and did great with everything. Her throat is a little sore due to the breathing tube they used during surgery, but she was sure telling everyone about the pain. She seemed glad to see us because she immediately calmed down when we were able to hold her in our arms.
She was only in recovery for about and hour and a half before they said we could go home -- very shocked that it was so early! We got home around 11:00AM and she has been resting every since. She is eating great and seems to be comfortable at this point. There is a little fussiness, but nothing we cannot handle...just needs a few extra hugs and kisses.
We will keep you updated on our little Ella. Unfortunately, they re-casted her in the operating room so we were unable to see any progress with her twinkle toes! Thank you for your prayers...we definitely seen them in action today.
He's been faithful, faithful to me.
Looking back his love and mercy I see.
Even though, I have questioned, even failed to believe.
But he's been faithful, faithful to me.
PS - check out little baby Mike's progress with clubfeet. He also had his tenotomy today, along with Ella!


  1. Oh Ella! Be sure to give her lots of hugs and kisses for me! Same for Carter! I hope he is feeling better!

  2. Glad to hear it went well. When Matthew had his tenotomy, it was done in the casting room under general. I got to hold him and I have to say, the freezing was worse then the actual tenotomy! Just think, you are weeks away from the shoes and bar! Once step farther in the journey!

    How funny I found both your blogs about the same time and you two are on the same timeline!