Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ella's Snow Legs -- week 4

We have quite an update today friends! Today was our weekly appointment with Dr. Loder at Riley Children's Hospital. Have I said how much we appreciate Dr. Loder and his kindness?? He is just super, and the nurses are so great to us as well. I still need some ideas on how to thank them, leave me a comment if you have a good idea!

We actually did quite well on leaving on time yesterday, but I took an alternative route that I thought would be faster...ummm, mistake! Even with the GPS, I should not take alternative routes :) My husband is saying "I could have told you that." I am horrible with directions.

Surprisingly we did not have to wait that long in the waiting area this week. There were a few other babies there with club-feet, and it was nice to know that others are going through the same process as Ella is! The first part of the appointment is always the taking off of the casts - we always drape a towel over baby girl so that plaster doesn't fly up in her face.

Casts came off nicely (thanks to nurse Debbie) and here's a short clip of what happened next!

And here is a view right after the casts came off of the right foot and left foot! Looking very nice :) The cotton had not been washed off yet - some of the cotton stays on because of the stuff they use for "glue" to hold it in place.

Look at those perfect feet!

And of course, my sweet boy Carter was in the mix the entire time. Doctors and nurses all loved his "faux hawk" today. One doctor thought he looked like Al-falfa, ha! I think it's cute and we haven't got to do it recently because of hat-season with all the cold weather and snow.

So...the BIG NEWS is that Ella is having a tenotomy next Tuesday! This is great news because it means her feet have corrected in about 4 weeks of casting. She has made such wonderful progress (thank you Jesus). This is one step closer to being finished with the casting process. Some of you might ask "what is a tenotomy?" I have linked an explanation of it, just click on the phrase and you can learn more. Basically, there is a muscle that needs to be lengethened because of the way Ella's feet were. They will do a "heel cord release" to help lengthen this muscle (which is the tenotomy). She will have to undergo general anesthesia for this, but it is outpatient surgery - so she will get to go home that day. After the tenotomy they will re-cast her and she will have those casts for 3 weeks to help stretch the muscle, then on to the shoes. Yay for Ella's progress!

This was what Ell-bell looked like when we got home -- gotta love the headbands, but they have a tendancy to scrunch downwards in the car, hehe! Also, the socks we received from Aunt Jen and Linsday (Mommy's past co-teacher, she also has a great blog). The socks have been SO cute to cover her casts. These are called Trumpette socks and are adorable on her.

One last picture today. This is Ell-bell's "thank you Jesus" moment when they said she would be having her tenotomy next week, and then there will only be 3 weeks of casting left!


  1. Yeah for so much progress!!!!! I will be thinking about your family next Tuesday, and sending all my prayers your way! I know exactly what you will be going through at Riley next week.....we've been in Day Surgery 18 times. The nurses there are great...we definately have our favorites! Once when we were there, knowing I was a teacher, the nurses gave Macy a "school" looking hospital gown. We've saved every surgery gown and placed them in ziplocs with her surgery bracelets, marked with the dates. Good luck, and God will be watching over your little angel, just like he watched over mine!

  2. Wow! That was fast! Matthew had his tenotomy at 4 1/2 m old. They did it in the cast room believe it or not. Once it was frozen, the process took less then a minute.

    Good luck on Tuesday!

    Does that mean she will be in shoes and bar three weeks later?

  3. YES -- shoes and bar will begin three week after tenotomy, that is assuming all goes well. She is quite a trooper, and we know there are angels watching our little one.

    Kristen - your words are so encouraging. I now know just a little of what you have went through, and wow - what a testimony. You can help so many others with your experiences...God will definitely guide you and Jeremy to others in need with your little living testimony.

  4. I can't help to help with ideas to decorate her little shoes! I'm thinking rhinestones, ribbons, bows....oh the possibilities! She is going to love the shoes so much that she won't want to take them off!

  5. I was brainstorming ways to show your appreciation, but it is really hard to come up with something to show how much you truly appreciate what they have done. But what I have found in the past is that doctors offices, daycares, etc., love to come to work on a Friday or Clinic Day and find donuts, muffins, coffee, etc from your family with a cute little card and picture of the kids. They will always remember that. We've done things like that a few times. I will let you know if I come up with any more ideas.