Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute. Cool. Inspiring.

Have you found etsy yet? If you haven't, you should go there immediately! Etsy is a website {a little similar to ebay, but different} with all sorts of stuff that is handmade or vintage. They have some of the cutest things for babies on there, as well as for adults. Several of the things from Carter and Ella's room came from etsy {pillow covers, wall decals, etc} and I am just in love with it.

Carter needs this for Valentine's Day {which falls on a Sunday this year, so he could wear it to church}.

Ella needs this immediately! Such a talented sewer - she made both the tie and the gown. She even makes dresses that match the ties for when Ella gets a little bigger.

This lady makes me want to join a sewing class right this very minute. I love sewing and creating things - a crazy dream of mine is to open a shop with such cool kids clothes in it - probably wouldn't make any money! other top find for the day. This blog.

Most of you probably know that I am a past-weight-watcher girl. Lost weight in college using WW and lost my baby weight from Carter with WW. Well...guess who is about to re-join? ME! I have about 20lbs to lose from Ella, so I am wanting to get started right away. I was looking for some good weight watcher recipes and came across this fabulous blog. Gina also just had a new baby around the time Ella was born, so maybe she will be doing the program again herself? I don't know, but she has recipes that look delish, easy, and have the points with them.

Let's see...chocolate chip clouds or roasted red-pepper soup?

This blog makes me want to do the Julie and Julia thing...make one recipe a day until the cookbook is completed. I am not going to committ to that yet though!

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  1. Hey girl, Sorry to tell you but the chocolate chip clouds do not look appetizing!!

    Courtney M. (Bloomington)