Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Cousins are sick! Little Owie got sick at daycare today and we heard that cousin Ethan is sick as well :( Hope you feel better boys {we think Ethan got sick from Carter...uh oh!}

On Monday {happy belated MLK Day}, we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum because as a teacher I remembered it was free admission! So we packed up the van, turned on the Wiggles, and started towards Indy. Ella was very fashionable in her Graco stroller and got lots of "awww's" from the crowd.

Carter on the other hand was ready for action. He has never been to the children's museum, so he was really excited. He is such an "on the go" kid anyways - he is always ready to get out of the house. We started with the dinosaur exhibit, then travelled around the museum. There is currently an Egypt exhibit, and this carriage was part of the culture in Egypt. Carter probably thought it was a big car that he could drive, because he kept wanting in the front!

He really liked the train exhibit - it is huge and has an actual part of a train in it! Very cool. This is a picture of the underground scene that kids can go into. He liked the tunnel.

Carter also had fun looking at all of the computer type learning games {even though he has not a clue how to work them}. This one was especially fun to him.

I even thought about having a birthday party for Carter at the museum. Wouldn't that be fun for the kids with easy set-up and take down for mom and dad? I like the sound of that...

Ella update...
Little miss is doing wonderful! She has been her normal self today with the help of Tylenol every 4-6 hours. The new casts are pointed pretty straight in order to keep the tendon stretched. What a speedy recovery for little Ell-bell.

Carter update...
Little mister came home with Daddy this afternoon and appears to be in good spirits. He is drinking plenty but has only had one piece of peanut butter toast today...even turned down mashed potatoes tonight! As long as he is drinking, I am not too concerned. I hope he makes it through the night without getting sick...

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  1. I LOVE Children's museums! Maybe it is because I too am a teacher. Small world!