Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick Day Please!

Oh how I love my Jonathan Brian...I was feeling sick all day and who walks in and scares me half to death while Carter, Ella, and I are napping? Sweet J! He tooks a half day off work to take care of the kiddo's since I was down. Not sure what I have, but it seems to be subsiding...

Meanwhile, an infant and 2 1/2 year old never stop...do they? Ella did take quite a few naps today and Carter took a LONG nap with me this afternoon, so that was really nice. Carter also went with Daddy to get me some ginger-ale and chicken noodle soup.

I did find something that I think I want to order. This stamp is 30% off right now and I ordered my Mom one for Mother's Day. She seems to like it - I think I want to order one!

Currently the house is quiet and I am getting ready to cozy down and go to bed. I love having a laptop that I can work on anywhere in the house...goodnight friends!

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