Monday, January 11, 2010

First Sunday

Yesterday was our first Sunday taking Ella to church! We were really excited to show her off and have everyone see this new addition. Carter was excited because he has not been to church since Ella was born either - so he got to go back to Sunday school :) He loves Sunday school.

Carter is sporting a cute new sweater vest and pants he got for Christmas, along with his new saddle-oxfords. To top it off, the red hat...I get so many compliments on this kid when he has a hat on. When we went out to eat yesterday for lunch, he got about 50 compliments on how cute he was!

And precious Ell-bell was wearing a sweet little gown from Memaw. Carriage Boutique brand, white with flowers embroidered and a matching bonnet. I have to be honest, we had some issues with the bonnet staying on but Mommy made sure that it was on at all times! Ella got lots of compliments all day long yesterday...the most common comment I get about Ella is "she looks just like a little doll!" And, especially in these pictures, she really does!

We were so excited to get a call from Aunt Alyson and Uncle Paul yesterday morning saying that they wanted to meet us for lunch because they would be in the area! We hardly ever get visitors, so we were ecstatic. They even brought Memaw Murry with them!

We headed to Gray Brother's Cafeteria...well, of course we have a story to tell about it. We got seated and were eating lunch and Carter gets down from his chair. Before we realized what was going on, he had visited another table where there was a big birthday celebration going on for a 1-year old. Carter sneaks over to the birthday cake and proceeds to put his finger in it! Jonathan quickly grabbed him up, but he did escape with some icing on his finger...HA! The mom of the birthday baby was so sweet and even offered Carter a piece of cake when they cut it. Wow, thank goodness she was a nice Mommy...I do not want to imagine what might have happened if she wasn't :) That's my funny story for the day!

Just for the record...

Memaw got coconut cream pie and Aunt Alyson got butterscotch pie. Memaw wanted to see if the pies were as good as hers...I told her that no one beats Memaw's pies, not even Gray's!

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