Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1 month in, 2 to go!

Have you been wondering about Ella's progress with her club-feet? Well...we had an appointment with our favorite Dr. Loder this week and it took all of 10 minutes! Dr. Loder said her feet look quite amazing and that we have 2 more months of full-time wear, then hopefully down to only nights. Her feet do look so amazing...these were the best pics I could find - believe it or not, we did not take many pics of her feet before she got her casts on.

And yes, the date is wrong on the top pic...the bottom pic was after 4 weeks of casts. Her feet pretty much look the same now!

Another fun thing to watch is this youtube video of Eli from Tales of Eli and Maddux. Eli was born with the same club-feet condition as Ella, and they documented it with a video. So precious. Eli is now 4 and has the prettiest hair ever.
And, it is so amazing what google will give you. I think Dr. Loder is just the best! He apparently is very well known and respected. Has worked all over the country and is just an incredible doctor. Of course, he is at Riley and so they are pretty fabulous.
Have you figured out that I am back to work? Sorry for not posting for a few days!

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