Thursday, March 4, 2010


Spare time today...sounds crazy, huh? Carter is gone and Ella is napping; yes, I should be doing laundry but what fun is that?

Went to a great surprise party last week for my wonderful friend Melissa {which has lost 75lbs and looks amazing, I might add}. I was so excited about her gift, I had some creative energy flowing for it. I made her a "You Go Girl Jar" with a big 75 on the side and 75 pieces of sugar-free candy inside, representing her 75lbs lost. I also made her a collage picture {from Walgreens photo, they are really fun and affordable} of her newly blended family. She got married last July and inherited not only a hubby, but two daughters along with her own daughter and son. And of course...she got a gift-card, because aren't gift-cards the best? I LOVE them...heart them...adore them.

After her party, she suggested we visit the local Goodwill and I agreed. She is a thrift store QUEEN and has got most of her new-wardrobe at these types of shops. My favorite things to find at Goodwill stores are new clothes that are dirt cheap. And...I was in luck.

Did you know these two pairs of shoes used to be at your local Target stores...but I got them for way cheaper. I needed some new brown heels and flats.

I also left with a few good finds for the kiddos too.

Just for fun...wanted to share a pic of my knee-socks today. I look like the wicked witch of the west or something, but I really love them! If you met me on any given day during winter, I'd have knee-socks on.

Today, I also wish that I was one of those designing, art-inspiring, inspirational people that I love to read about. Design Mom and Jordan are my favorites by far, and yes - I check their blogs daily. I also love to read all the other blogs they refer to! Could you sit down all day online and locate blogs, pictures, and articles? I COULD...quite seriously.
Good things I've ran across lately...
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  1. Carter looks like he is "checking it all out." He will have a lot of fun in pre-school. Ella looks pretty content too. She has a beautiful smile. She must get that from her Mommy!!!! Love you all - Aunt Judy