Friday, March 5, 2010


We made it to Friday! I love Fridays for lots of reasons, but one in particular is that I know Jonathan will be home with us for two days in a row...we love having him home. I think having two babies makes you appreciate your sweety so much more than you did before - do you think the same?

Ella is overcoming this RSV/pneumonia spell that she has been thrown into. Loves her medicine {unlike big brother}. I might have posted this picture earlier this week, but she's just too cute to pass up posting it again. Ella is different than Carter in so many ways, but she tends to be a little more calm. Carter was like a whirlwind! Ella however loves to sit up, look around, and be talked to. She likes to eat but not as much as Carter did...ha! She has gotten into a routine for right now, and I think she will do good when I go back to work.

My little whirlwind seems to be overly enjoying himself at his new pre-school and cannot wait to go in the mornings. Yesterday the weather was nice enough for a trip outside, and I got this sweet picture of him...look at how much fun he is having! The first day I took him, while I was loading him in the van I stopped and just stared at him...thinking "this cannot be my little Carter-boo" but surely it is. Time really has went fast with him...but I love to see all his new curiosities as he grows.

I also have to brag on him for a minute. First off, his teacher says "he's so easy Bethany" which makes me smile. But...if you have not heard Carter drum yet, you should really stop in for a visit. This child has true talent when it comes to the drums, and last night during worship he was on beat with me the entire time. You think I'm kidding or just being one of those Mom's that brags on her kids all the way -- this kid has talent, truly inspired Jesus talent! There are so many people at church that come up to me and are amazed at how well he does {yes, he gets special perks and gets to play with me during choir practice and after church sometimes since I am the piano player and Daddy is the guitar player}. We are trying to find him a drum-teacher because he LOVES playing.

Happy Friday to you...fill it with fun!

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