Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pretty Perfect

And pre-school has been started by this little mover. Carter was more than excited about going to the new Montessouri pre-school and meeting new friends. When we walked in the door he was assigned a cubby space and there he leaves his coat and takes off his shoes! Comfy learning environment.

One friend found! This little one was having fun showing Carter all around.

Carter was excited about the frog! There are lots of little critters in his new learning environment...hope they don't have "take the pet home" day.

One thing I love about this school is that it is actually a house. The house is not lived in but is only used for the school. It is a farmhouse, lovely floor plan, very spacious and conducive to a pre-school. This is the parent's room which is stocked with coffee and fruit daily in case the parents want to stay and listen for awhile. It is also out of view for the kids, but you can hear everything going on...Ella and I sat here for a bit.

Art room -- the kids have art once a week with an artist that comes in from the community.

Kitchen...nice, huh? All meals are cooked here.

I picked Carter up early because I thought it might be a good transition...well, he didn't want to leave! This is how his day ended.

Ella was excited as well. She was very smiley and calm while we were getting Carter settled in, but has quickly made her own drama today! We visited the doctor due to a persistent cough and sneezing problem...turned into a chest x-ray...which turned into slight pneumonia...which resulted in getting some anti-biotics. Say a prayer for our sweet girl!

Hope your little ones or big ones are staying healthy...only a few more weeks of winter left {hopefully}.

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