Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogging Sisters

So, I definitely read blogs everyday. One that I read daily, sometimes more than once a day is DesignMom. She is fabulous! Lives in Colorado, has 5 children, pregnant with another one right now (girl #4) and makes a living by her blog and some other sites she has created. Wow. Wish i could make money off of a blog - any help on that?

She is hosting the Mothers Day Giveaway Week. She has phenominal prizes and most include shopping-sprees to different online stores. Lots of cool, not-so-heard of beautiful websites with such unique stuff. You have just GOT to go there and see. One post she had was commented on over 1,000 times. I am envious. If you win a prize, you better share with me!
OhHappyDay blog and DesignMom are sisters in real life. I started reading OhHappyDay first, and that led me to the other. This was a great decoration "tutorial" that Jordan posted. I really like it. Springy. Colorful. Festive. I would love to do something like this for Ella's birthday party. Maybe in blues/whites/silvers because it will be around Christmas time. Better yet, reds and greens.

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