Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Girl Update

Is she not the sweetest thing you ever did see? We love her to pieces. Apparently, looks quite a bit like Aunt Jen!

Haven't updated in awhile on her progress with club-feet. She is currently still wearing the shoes with a bar between them. She only has about 15 days until her appointment with Dr. Loder at Riley Children's Hospital, and we are hoping, praying, believing, and trusting that she will only have to wear the shoes at night after this appointment. Help us say a prayer dear friends!

Intersesting aspects of the shoes...
  • The shoes come off of the bar very easily. It is easier to take the bar off when putting the shoes on or removing them.
  • Ella's feet STINK after wearing the shoes and socks for a day :-) They are quite heavy and I am positive her feet are sweating in those thing. "Stinky Feet Ella" is what Carter says.
  • Ella can roll both from back to belly and belly to back. She kicks and squirms with the best of them. The shoes are her "normal" and she's doing everything WITH them. Dr. Bohney thinks Ella is a "wild hair" and lots of babies as active as her tend walk early.
  • Ella does not wear footed sleepers due to the shoes.
  • We will get new shoes as Ella continues to grow. Her current pair still fit her well, but after awhile she will be fit with new ones.
  • The bar makes for easy diaper changes!

I love when people ask me about the shoes instead of staring or being afraid to talk to me about her. We want to use Ella's experience to help educate people, be a testimony of God's faithfulness, and to learn from - not be afraid of.

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  1. Sweetie Ella with stinky feet??? Hard to believe.