Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When I had Carter it took about 6-7 months of hard-core points counting {weight watchers} to really lose my weight. I was anticipating the same after having Ella, but it was much easier to process.

I have been counting points since Ella was about 4 weeks old, and as of last Friday I was 1.6lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! I'm so excited. My normal clothes are beginning to fit again, I feel like the old me, and it has been easier to mentally deal with this weight loss. Baby #2 is definitely less stressful.

When doing weight watchers this time {the 3rd time}, I have learned some great snacks and tricks that I thought I would share with some of you new Mommies, dieters, or just healthy eaters.

These fiber-one bars are a favorite with me. 2 points and they taste like a candy-bar. I am a coffee-drinker and found that the liquid creamer was "costing me" to many points in the morning, so I switched to dry creamer and I can have 2 cups of coffee with 6tsp. of creamer for about 3points. That is good!

Carter started eating the honey-wheat pretzels and I am now addicted. I found that if I dip them into the Laughing Cow cheese, it is a super yummy snack. The Laughing Cow cheese is great with all sorts of things and is only 1point for a triangle of it {there are about 8 triangles of cheese in each circle}.
I eat lots of salads for lunch and have found that green olives and roasted red peppers are my friend. I love to eat the Seseme Ginger salad dressings; relatively low-cal and low-fat with lots of taste. I am not a fan of the low-fat dressings.
Do you have any good snacking ideas? I love the crunchy stuff and everything with bread!

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