Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Surprise

Got a call from my Dad on Saturday night asking what our lunch plans were for Sunday. That usually translates into "I want to see Carter and Ella, so hope you're not busy!" And, of course even if we did have plans, we would change them to see Papaw!

These kiddos love their Papaw - and they were really missing their Memaw, yesterday. We had a yummy lunch at Longhorn {don't you love that place?} and then visited for awhile. "Candy Memaw" came too :) She always has candy for Carter - can you see the mint in his mouth?

This is MY Memaw and she is one of my favorite people. Originally from Texas and still has a southern know, some of her recipes have went down in the books for being Jonathan's favorites; Taco Soup, (home-made) Chicken Pot-Pie, Apple-Coconut Cake, Butterscotch Pie, Mexican Chicken, and the list goes on and on.
Sometimes it's so hard to live 2 hours away from our sweet family. Love our church. Love our friends. Hate being far from family, but thank goodness we get to visit quite often.

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  1. Papaw loves the kiddos too! Carter looks like he has been enjoying the sun. Carter & Ella are both as cute as can be.