Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swimming Day 1

For those who do not know - Carter is terrified of pools. Loves to take a bath, but hates the pool. Up to this point, Carter would not even put his feet in the pool. Well, today he took the plunge. I have been hyping up "swimming lessons" for about a week or so. Bought new swim-trunks, new sandals, new beach towel. He was excited...until we got there.

We sat on the bench waiting for the little ones to get out and he was glued to me. Would not move. I kept talking about the other kids coming in, and he was warming up - I kept thinking He'll be ok. Miss Celeste came to put his floaties on him and hello world - you would have thought she was giving him a shot! After we calmed down, then it was time to put our toes in the water. Not happening. So, Momma and sis had to leave so Celeste could take over!

I took this picture from up above {where I was spying}. He had a death grip on this swimming helper and would NOT let go. I could read his lips I want my Mommy. He did get a little better towards the end. I was amazed at how fast they started! The 4-5 year olds were jumping off the side, dog-paddling, floating on their backs...whoah. Carter's main goal was to get comfortable in the water - not sure that was accomplished but he did take a major step!
Ella hung out with Mommy upstairs, glued to the window! She seems to like the water, but then again she doesn't have a choice right now :) Did you spot her bottom teeth?

Looking forward to swimming lesson 2 - Thursday. Help us Lord!

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