Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to do?

Have you ever went to the beach with a 3year-old, 2year-old, and 8month-old? Well that was what happened with us. Quite entertaining, to say the least :) We decided on a 3-bedroom condo with 3-restrooms and received 30% off because of all the recent oil-spill action going on. Jenny made sure it was ground-floor, because who wants to take 3 kids up and down elevators? This was perfection. Whenever we got bored, we just walked out the door, up some stairs and our feet were in the sand...

Poor Ella got a scratch along the way! Carter quickly got over his fear of water - with a few swimming lessons from Daddy before the trip. He was jumping in and trying to swim like a little fish. All of the kids preferred the pool over the ocean - but they liked to play in the sand, eat snacks, and watch their Dads play in the ocean. There was NO way to keep the sand off of Ella...luckily, she didn't try to eat it. The condo-owner in Florida must have been smart because 80% of the house was tile flooring. This came in handy when sweeping every 30 minutes because of the crazy sand! We tried out a few of the local hot-spots, but we had loads of fun around the cond, in the pool and on the ocean.

Our house is usually set on 74degrees, but it's about 76 tonight. We must be used to the Floriday weather. Next year, I say we make it a 2-week vacation.

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