Monday, January 17, 2011

What's your dream?

Happy MLK Day to do you! I did a lesson on MLK last week and learned a lot of interesting information -- his name was originally Michael Luther King Jr. This video is great for kids.

Do you have a day off? WE DO! So excited. We are heading to a favorite kid's shop, eating pizza, and having fun with friends. Do you love Ella's outfit? She got it last year for Christmas and was a doll-baby yesterday. The knit outfits are darling on children. She didn't like the hat, but kept it on for the majority of the day. More importantly, Jenny's headband is superb! Do you love that new style? I don't have one, but bought her this for Christmas and now I am envious.

If you read very often, you know I love DesignMom and Jordan. Did you know that both families are moving to France? One to Paris, and the other to a small city outside of Paris. Wow, that is quite a move - but I am anxiously awaiting updates from both of them :) Have you ever thought of moving your family out of the country? I'm not sure we could do it, but I love that these bloggers are!

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  1. Ella is a cutie!! Love the outfit. I follow DesignMom and Jordan. I would move to France in a heartbeat!