Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My pick of the day!

Little miss had her check-up with Dr. Loder yesterday at Riley. I love how our appointments there only last about 20 minutes now, versus the over an hour appointments last year. We met a new intern and saw Dr. Loder, who couldn't believe how much pink Ella was wearing along with how big she had gotten. Report was perfect! Ella will continue wearing her special shoes at night until she is around 4. No other changes or updates, except "she looks great Mom!"

I often remember when Ella was 5 days old and we took her to Riley for her first appointment with the news that she actually did have Club-Feet. I also remember the first night we brought her home with the casts and how she couldn't sleep very well and her little legs kept shaking like she was trying to move them. But, I also remember when Ella first started standing up, and when she first started taking those precious steps. Trials come and trials go, but never forget the testimony you have from that trial. Big hugs out to everyone who helped us pray for Ella during that trying time!

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