Monday, March 28, 2011

Start your week off sweetly...

I hope your Monday is going along beautifully :) Ours is! This week we are on spring-break from pre-school and from my school. What a well needed break. We had weekend visitors and it was so much fun - I'll update on that soon.

I noticed that I had not featured my boy in awhile, so last week we had fun making brownies and licking that spoon. I always loved doing that as a kid, teenager, and adult {hehe}. Carter's birthday is coming up soon and he makes us smile everyday. He's in a phase of calling me "Momma" instead of "Mommy" and he is also learning about plants and the states of our nation. Carter is determined he is having a little brother that he will get to share a bedroom with, and he doesn't want to leave his Dad's side when working at night on the remodel project {which is coming along smoothly, sweet J}. I think his favorite thing about working with Daddy is climbing on the ladders and pretending to hammer something :)

Is he still drumming? Oh yes. It's his special gift from Jesus, I do believe.

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