Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know...

How it little bundle doing? Well, he or she is doing quite well! This one moves around more than Carter or Ella did at this stage, which is very reassuring but makes me wonder if they will be more energetic!

I love these pictures and have never posted any, but the eggplant was too beautiful to pass up. That gives a good visual of what the baby's size is. Carter goes back and forth from thinking he's having a boy and a girl. We do have names that we like, but most of you know I do not like to share my favorite names :) I also cannot seem to name a baby before he or she arrives! Ella is as clingy as ever, and one lady at my church said "that means you are having a boy"...we shall see. Jonathan has done an excellent job of throwing innuendos out for either boy OR girl. My sister knows as well and has given me no clues. I think this will be the biggest surprise of my life, up to this point.

I am feeling great! I want to eat/snack/drink constantly, and have big urges for diet-cokes of any kind as well as sweets. The pineapple/yellow-cake-cupcakes have been a life saver and the kids enjoy them as well {very healthy snack for kids}. I do love salads and crunchy things too. I'm hoping my summer dresses will keep me nice and comfy during the hot months as well as after this baby gets here :) 15 weeks to go...what is your guess at the gender? Heart-rate is 150's consistently and people say I am carrying high, as well as gaining weight in the middle area.

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