Friday, October 28, 2011


I know. It's been forever. Please forgive and forget! I am finally sitting down after a crazy week of staff meetings, sickness, allergic reactions, and wild random things happening to me. A good week? Sort of. A wild week? Definitely! You gotta love coming home to this sweet pumpkin...
These little lovelies are also my favorite and we have spent quite a bit of time with our cousin, Owen, lately. This is the first year we won't be trick-or-treating with him...speaking of...
Are you totally ready for Halloween? We ARE! I have banners strung, I'm sewing some tonight {yes, my sewing machine is working now...yippee!}, pumpkin muffins are made, costumes are hung up and ready, treat bags are emptied, and my babies are ready for some candy! This banner is so cute and I am totally making one for fall tonight. Did you know we had a costume party two weeks ago? Here's one of the lovely couples that got extra creative! Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad it.
We also had some jail-birds, a Harley Davidson biker, lots of cowboys/cowgirls, and other cute costumes. So fun! My party planning was pretty simple -- beans and cornbread. I also broke up "what to bring" into age categories which was so helpful! We had a few fun games with some entertainment. Such a fun night for the adults! {I'm so jazzed that we have a new babysitter that lives up the road from us -- she's available to watch the older two and it's incredibly nice}.
We also visited the Fall Foliage Festival here in our hometown. Talk about a lovely time! Carter was just getting over his sickness, but definitely drank a bottle of orange soda and had a corn-dog with his daddy. Their favorite moment was visiting the fire-house {hint hint: wonder what Carter will be for Halloween?}. Happy weekend to ya! We will be hanging around the homestead staying busy with cleaning, laundry, and fall prep long, farewell!

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