Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little holiday fun...

Who doesn't love Pandora? I am listening almost 24/7. It's free now too! No fee for using over 40 hours of listening time. So, do you ever get stuck on which station to listen to? Here are two beautiful stations:
The Indie Holiday Station. Features this album which is irresistible. The voices are so pure and smooth.
I also love the Israel Houghton Holiday station. Features songs from Israel's Christmas album along with other contemporary christian holiday songs (this one is for the church-goer).
Did you see my button on the side that will send you to MADE's Christmas Advent? It's a yummy-in-the-tummy one that starts soon. It will be a daily-read for sure. Also, design-mom is having her holiday give-a-way week! She is INSANE when it comes to give-a-ways. Yesterday she had prizes totaling over $2,000. You must get some of that action! Go, go, go! Look for some holiday news tomorrow... PS - do you love my new look? I'm kind of digging it. Made me smile today.

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