Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simple Tree DIY

And the surprise is here! A DIY for you :-) I will be adding different DIY Projects over the course of the season, and I hope to continue as the blog grows. I originally found this as a post on pinterest, but there was no directions so I decided to put it to the test myself and deliver a great, inexpensive, holiday craft to you.
Make sure you have lots of lights. The more the better. I actually added more after I was done with this project and it looks really great. A great place to find lights would be flea-markets or second hand stores. Just make sure they work well before you purchase. I also picked up a string of 100 lights at Walgreens for $3.99, not too shabby right?
Remember those old tomato cages? Get them out! I actually had to get mine from the garden...yeah, I didn't bring them in. Don't be ashamed if you haven't brought yours in yet either!
Wrap, then wrap some more. I started from the bottom and just wrapped tightly and kept going upwards. At the top you want to string it tighter to get the point. Before you start, you can always bend the legs in to make that point.
And here you have it. Your own simple tree. My kids are in love with this one and the one I made for their room. We used multi-colored lights for the tree i their room and it shines as their night-light right now. Carter gets so excited about it and Ella adores it. The pink lights were a great bargain, and I wanted to see how it would all come together. I really love pink, so I didn't mind. I also made a cute, simplistic bow for the top. Just imagine what you could do with this!
Tis the season!

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